20 “Twitter Vine” Marketing Ideas for Professionals

29 Apr 20 “Twitter Vine” Marketing Ideas for Professionals

twitterNew apps can be exciting and Twitter’s Vine is one of them. Before the professionals dismiss this as Twitter “playtime,” check out some ideas for marketing your firm using this hot new innovation.  Read my 20 Twitter Vine Marketing Ideas for Professionals: (printable pdf)

1. For a law firm: create 6 seconds of video of the exterior and offices of your firm’s primary location.
2. For a lawyer: Use stop-motion animation to announce a new settlement or verdict “win.”
3. For a lawyer: Show the first 3 legal steps it takes to sell a home in New Jersey.
4. For a PI lawyer: Show 6 seconds of a car accident or an accident victim.
5. For lawyers and accountants: Humanize your firm by introducing your associates.
6. Give testimonials to clients’ and prospect’s businesses to build good will
7. Get testimonials: encourage your clients to create a Vine for you.
8. Create video clips from a charity event or charity golf outing your firm sponsored or attended.
9. Create a sneak preview of upcoming webinars, events or trade shows.
10. Create a Vine campaign series; for example, on how to prepare for a divorce.
11. Animate the home page of your website.
12. Show anniversary, birthday or other celebrations within the firm.
13. For a CPA, animate a formula or tax calculator to show how much clients should have saved using tax credits or IRA contributions.
14. For a physician, show a video of a procedure like stitching up a wound.
15. For a dentist, show a video of a procedure like a tooth extraction.
16. For a photographer, animate a slide show of your latest subject.
17. For an architect, show “before” and “after” videos.
18.For a real estate sales professional, show a video from an “Open House.”
19. For a non-profit organization, show a video of your charity’s recipient or cause.
20. For a blogger, personally invite more visitors to your blog.

For more ideas: ask at AskJulianne.com

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