A New Website is Like a New Suit.

20 Aug A New Website is Like a New Suit.

Weinmann Marketing Website

New Weinmann Marketing Website, www.weinmark.com

With the summer doldrums upon us, we’ve finally found time to revise and revitalize our website design. And what an energizer! Creating a new website is like buying a new suit. It fits better, it make you look like a million bucks, and it attracts attention.  If professionally created, it can command respect. I don’t know if we accomplished all of these objectives with our new website at www.weinmark.com, but I do feel good about it. All feedback is welcome of course.


Lessons Learned:

Every time I create a website, from an existing design or from scratch, I learn something new. For this internal development effort, I learned that less is more. It’s better to launch with complete pages and add later, then to publish any pages that are incomplete. Sounds obvious, but the tendency is to add lots of sub-menus before you have sub-menu content.

I also learned that integration is elegant. Now that we’ve integrated our WordPress blog with the site (without using frames), I feel like I’ve “mastered that technology,” in some small way. Great praise  goes out to freelancer, James Rose from Nottingham, UK of Lunar Website Design, who did a tremendous job in programming the blog page and accomplishing many other magical technical feats to make it all work well. Thank you James!

And lastly, I learned that cross-browser support is messy, and most necessary, especially for multi-media. Just because your video plays in Firefox 6.0 doesn’t mean it will play in Explorer 8. It’s not always possible to find a design that is compatible will all browsers, but finding one that will work with the top 3 is do-able. Mobile is another story, for another day.

I hope you’ll visit our new site and sign up for the “Good News” enewsletter, in which we publicize our clients’ news as well as our own.

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