Ask NOT What Your Client Can Do For You…..

06 Jul Ask NOT What Your Client Can Do For You…..

How many of you clients out there have done business with professionals who made more work for you? Your accountant sends you a form to fill in. He or she uses this form to fill in the blanks on your Income Tax Returns. If the info you provide is wrong, the return is wrong. Garbage in, garbage out.

You go to a doctor. The receptionist gives you a form to fill out…it asks for insurance information yes, then a medical history, then a list of symptoms. You see the doctor for 15 minutes; he prescribes, you take the medication, and hopefully the symptoms go away, you’re cured. And maybe not.

You make an appointment with your lawyer regarding a real estate transaction. He or she asks you for all the relevant information on the properties involved; you might fill out a form; he or she may give you stuff to read. Lots of stuff to read. The transaction doesn’t go smoothly and there are many critical decisions along the way. Your attorney may advise you as to the law, but you make all the decisions. And they are wrong much of the time.

Professionals….examine your client communications and processes. Are you asking your clients to do too much? Are you using all of your professional training and experience to guide your clients’ decisions, or are you leaving them out there to fend for themselves?  Are you depending on their judgement a bit too much? Are your clients’ words, facts and figures always reliable?  Are you making more work for your clients?

Client service is a clear differentiator for professionals.  At a time where fees are being challenged and colleges, universities, medical schools, law schools etc. are turning out record numbers of your current and future competitors, enhancing client service and adding more value to your offer, is a clear winning strategy.

Think about it. Use it. …ask what YOU can do for your clients.

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