21 Aug Beware: Godaddy.com Wants YOUR Domain!

buyer bewareIn the past, I’ve written glowing reviews of Godaddy.com tech support in my blog. As a hosting company, technology-wise, I think their website builder is good and the designs they have available are also above par, so for the do it yourself-er, it’s probably a good bet. But this week’s encounter with Godaddy.com tech support was more than disappointing. It was a time-consuming nightmare!

Here’s what happened:

My client bought a new domain name and created a new website but many of her clients are still going to the old domain to visit her website.  So I figured it was an easy solution.  We have to forward her old domain to her new one.  I wanted to avoid transferring the domain because it can take a week or more to take effect and this is a problem that called for an immediate solution.There is a BIG difference between forwarding and transferring, so read on.

To keep the current domain registrar where she managed all of her domains (Register.com), we had to forward the OLD domain to her NEW domain, registered with Godaddy.com. Not rocket-science, right? It should have been a simple change in IP address or at most, changing the DNS server names at the domain registrar. But noooooo…..after several hours online with the Register.com and with Godaddy.com tech support, they turned me inside out with trying one thing after another. In the end, the techs at Godaddy.com successfully  and mistakenly forwarded the new domain to the OLD domain. Not good.

Weren’t they listening?  Why would anyone want to do that? The client eventually decided to transfer her old domain to Godaddy.com in order to forward it through Godaddy.com’s forwarding function—-A big point for Godaddy.com Sales, a big negative for Godaddy.com Support.

Was this the right solution for the client?  At the end of it all….I don’t think so and here’s what I learned:

1. Godaddy.com wants your domain, so if you have it registered with Register.com or Hover.com, watch out.  You have to follow the rules of the registrar very carefully in order to forward it.  Changing the IP address to accomplish domain pointing doesn’t always work.
2. Register.com won’t forward your domain if you have a website in progress with them, so you’ll have to delete any old and unused websites associated with your old domain before you try to forward.  Register.com has a free basic forwarding function.  We didn’t try this, but it may have worked.
3. Godaddy.com charges for domain transfer; I think it’s about $10 per month. Register.com also charges for their premium forwarding (without their logo).
4. Beware of Godaddy.com’s sale prices: check for hidden charges like domain transfer.
5. The hosting world is changing daily and all I can say is “Buyer Beware.”

There’s a lot more to know and understand about domain ownership and transfers.  In summary, all I can say is be very careful about domain ownership.  Your domain is an asset you can’t afford to lose.

Here’s a cool article I found listing some additional “cautions”: http://www.domainwarning.com/

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