Beware the SEO snake oil salesman!

15 Jul Beware the SEO snake oil salesman!

I just love to hear the sales pitch of SEO “specialists.” They promise top Google rankings, because that’s what you want. They promise they will work their magic to increase traffic to your website, and they caution that it will take time to make it happen—most likely, months. But soon enough, presto-chang-o—type in the magic key words—and there you are right on the first page of search results! Traffic is pouring in to your website now, baby…..maybe. Or maybe not. What I can say is….look at your traffic reports. How many unique visitors does your website get per day, per month? And how many new client inquiries do you get, per month, per year— and what’s the ratio of visits to inquiries? Yes, Virginia, this is conversion, the “holy grail.”

What the traffic stats don’t tell you is: how many of these same visitors also browsed the websites of your competitors? Let’s face it. You have to compete and no SEO specialist can help you avoid competition. I say make your website the best it can be with useful, helpful, updated information. Use it to educate, inform, amaze and assist potential clients and more of them will inquire and those who inquire may become actual clients.

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