Build it.

29 Aug Build it.

Whatever your political persuasion, my wish is that all business owners take inspiration from anyplace and anyone we can, in this tough economy.  And the RNC didn’t disappoint with the brilliant message: “We Built It.”


Get inspiration from anywhere you can.

What is the inspiration here?  I say, just build it, with a cautious prerequisite: First, laser-focus on your target market, your audience.  Find out what they need, in earnest.  Be brave and learn the truth about their needs.  It’s not what you think they need or what you think they SHOULD need, it’s what your audience thinks that counts.  Then build it.  Craft your offer, your service and your products, building them all around those needs.  Solve a problem, address an urgent issue, make life easier for your clients, at a price they can afford, with flexible terms, allowing for change.  And they will come.

Today, with the sun rising on the day after the Ann Romney/Chris Christie speeches, many will debate whether the message is admirable or sinister in intent.  Whether it takes a “village,” or whether entrepreneurs heroically build businesses with their own blood sweat and tears with or without public or governmental support, really isn’t as relevant as the real story each of us knows in our heart.  I know what it took to build Weinmann Marketing, and you know what it takes to build your practice every day.  Whether you get help or not, it all depends on you to marshall the resources to get the job done. Those who do are our inspiration.

Most of all, the inspiration I take is that success is good.  And that success is fueled by hard work.  And that hard work involves showing up every day, inquiring, engaging, improving.  I am inspired by those who do. Exhausted sometimes, but inspired.

Did you show up today? Master the technology, conquer your market.

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