Can “Free” Really be better than Fee?

04 Apr Can “Free” Really be better than Fee?

The upshot is that what one considers “better” is all relative and “to each his own,” and value is usually in the eye of the beholder and on and on, but sometimes “free” can be better than a monthly fee. Do you Roku?  This is a good example. I finally discovered free tv.  At first I thought it was bleeding edge technology and probably didn’t work.  I was wrong.  It installs easy.  It works the first time.  Much, although not all, of the programming is free.

Roku is a box that lets you stream media from the internet.  It costs about 50 bucks and connects in minutes to your TV. The free part are the free channels available online like “Crackle” and “Pandora.” And you can watch all of your regular TV shows like Grey’s Anatomy and Once Upon A Time and House on HULU Plus, although that’s about 10 bucks a month.  You can pay for other channels like Netflix, but there are lots more free channels to choose and activate.

How long will this be free?  Who knows, but it’s a great alternative to paid tv now, especially with commercials dominating paid tv airtime and the pitiful channel selection on cable and satellite.

But what’s the message about marketing in this technology leapfrog game?  When consumers (your clients) get disgusted, they will search for alternatives and entrepreneurs will create them.  We’ve all about had it with paid TV.  Cable TV and Satellite providers take notice.

Don’t wait until your clients have had it with you.  Improve your service.  Find out what’s frustrating your clients in your service process, your performance, and the overall client experience.  Improve, be the best you can be!

Master the technology, conquer your market.

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