Canons in the Cornfield


09 Feb Canons in the Cornfield

Sara Bareilles tells us in her popular song, “Brave,” to “stop holding our tongue.” And in this blog, I’ve been honest with you.  I don’t intend to change that.

But what happens when you speak up as a business?  Is this voice a marketing tool? Yes.  Does it work for you or against you?  Depends on your objectives; depends on your audience and mostly, it depends on the words you use.

If you take a stand politically, you risk alienating those who disagree.  But remember, if you have a quality product or service that people need and your offers are competitive, maybe they’ll listen.  Maybe the power you have in the marketplace can be weaponized to fight in the war of ideas.

If your words incite or inflame, will they scare off the predators who would destroy what you plant, nurture and grow? Or will your words alienate even those who would agree with you?  Words are powerful. They can sell. They can scare.  They can incite.

But when there is a palpable threat, maybe we all need to speak out.  Use our brand to make a point, clarify an issue, make a noise.

In your marketing plan this year, be brave.

More about those cannons.

Sara Bareilles video, “Brave.”

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