Can’t Watch That Ad?

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09 Feb Can’t Watch That Ad?

You are not alone. There are some ads I can’t watch. I’m actually in a panic to change the channel when these ads begin. One is the ASPCA ad asking for donations to prevent the neglect and abuse of animals. The music is so sad and the images are so pathetic that I fear seeing them. I love Sarah McLachlan, I love animals, but put them together and you’ve got two minutes of non-stop sobbing! Yes, I donate, but not because of this ad.

Haven’t seen it?  The old one seems to have been pulled from the net, can’t find it, but here’s the new one.  It’s a bit better and a bit more positive. But still, Watch at your own risk: Sarah McLachlan ASPCA Ad

And my “professional” opinion is that these ads are just too much of a downer for too many people. Maybe they generate donations, but maybe not as much as they might if they produced more positive ads, showing happy animals in adoptive homes.

Read more about the “Controversy” here.

But these ads have been running for quite some time now, so I’m guessing some marketing exec thinks they are worth the investment.

Another scary ad is the UNICEF Ad about World Hunger. Again watch it at your own risk.  I can’t watch it.  Awful. In contrast, this is an example of a positive ad, “Feeding America: Feeding Hope.”

What do you think?


  • Alicia Stillwagon
    Posted at 14:11h, 12 May

    At the first note of music, I am dashing for the remote to change the channel or turn off the tv.. If I see this I am bummed for the entire day. Not proud of this, but I am well aware of the issues and do my best within my capabilities to support local charity event given by pet organizations and donate where I can.

    • Julie Weinmann
      Posted at 19:27h, 12 May

      I know what you mean; I can’t change the channel fast enough! Ugh! By the way, if you ever want to donate to a very worthy non-profit for animals, check out They are a shelter for the hopeless animals that are unadoptable. They take animals from shelters and keep them for life. The West’s are wonderful people.

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