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Strategy & Planning

Without a strategy, you risk wasting money and time on marketing in the dark. Without a plan, you risk missing a market window or giving a competitor a chance to strike first. Our consultants help you plan to win by assessing your strengths, maximizing the impact of marketing within your budget constraints, and getting it all done for you in record time.

We will develop a Marketing Strategy and Plan that is flexible and will adapt to changes in the marketplace and changes that affect your business. We’ll write it down, then we’ll revise it to meet your needs. Budgets are included as well as cost estimates for marketing expenses.

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Identity & Positioning

Our consultants start the conversation by asking “Who are you?” —as a company, as a professional? The images and words you use to express yourself create a clear identity in the minds of your consumers, clients and competitors. We help you get your “Branding” right from the get-go. Too many business owners suffer from business schizophrenia, continually changing their image, logo, taglines, focus, and thereby confusing the market. We say, experimentation can be educational, but when it comes to identity, it’s better to get it right the first time. Then stay the course.

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Competitor Assessment

We all like to think we’re unique. Competitors? Many over-confident business owners say, “We have no competitors.” And in some sense they are right. No one is exactly like you or your business. However, from the customer or client’s viewpoint, they have choices. Your nearest competitor is the business choice your customer or client makes when they do not choose your service or your product to solve a given problem or need. We help you know your competitors, then surpass them.

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Website & Social Media

It’s not good enough to have a great website. The key to success online is dominance. That means a dominant presence in social media as well as search engine page rank. Although WM never guarantees search engine positioning, to win online, we know that it takes a commitment to fresh and relevant content, keeping up with technology, and consistent messaging in multiple media formats.

Encourage online visitors to switch back and forth between your social media sites, your website and/or Blog, and to engage with you on many levels. This is what it takes to build a life-long relationship with your audience.

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New Age Rainmaking

  • Project Consulting

  • USD$650Month
    • Unlimited Support
    • Requires Commitment to Schedule
    • Email and Phone Support
    • OnSite Support: Additional Cost


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3-Month Minimum Commitment
  • Retainer

  • USD$550Month
    • 3-Month Minimum Contract
    • Requires Commitment to Schedule
    • Unlimited Email and Phone Support
    • OnSite Support: Additional Cost


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