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01 Dec Content Management Systems

I had a meeting today that brought back memories of the days when I worked at Bell Laboratories in Whippany, NJ. The memories came back in a flood, with the simple mention of an operating system called UNIX. My stint at Bell Labs was not to learn about technology–that came later after tranferring to AT&T where they attempted to build and market personal computers– but to work as a legal assistant in their Anti-Trust Litigation Department. The case was AT&T v Litton Industries and the chief litigator for Bell Labs was a lawyer named Walsh. The most memorable issue? …proving whether interconnect equipment did or didn’t blow up the network. It all led to the breakup of the Bell System and the only thing truly decimated was the value of my outdated telecom stock portfolio.

But this was the beginning of a journey for me that led from law to technology and now, I’m working with law firms to leverage that very same technology. And today, the technology I learned was all about content management systems. I’ll subtitle it: ”Can non-technical users blow up their website by editing it themselves?” The answer is categorically “no.” I learned that Joomla is not a cajun condiment, but a website development tool that essentially allows you to edit your website without blowing it up, and so you can enjoy a new-found freedom from website providers who may try to lock you into a template website for which only they hold the key. No more waiting for some other company to change your banner, or add an article or update your attorney profile. Do it yourself and get it done fast. The guru who did the explaining was Robert Kovacs, resident Joomla devotee and website architect extraordinaire at BlueWater Marketing in Metuchen. Thanks Robert!

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