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“Video killed the radio star…”

What is Content Marketing?  Simple.  It’s a business strategy. You win in your marketplace by publishing valuable “content” that drives your clients and customers to do business with you!


So what’s “Content”? Simple again. It’s everything and anything you publish where your target market can see it, read it, experience it.
Firstly, it includes plain ole TEXT.  And yes, people still read.



  • Write it.
  • Buy it.
  • Commission it.
  • ….Don’t steal it.

For examples of our writing style, read our BLOG.


Yes, people still write. And “Google” still relies a great deal on contextual key words and phrases, after all, that’s how web visitors search for things. If you want your clients, customers, associates and friends to find your website, you’ll have to do some writing.

At Weinmann Marketing, we’ll write it for you, or we will edit your text.  We’ll advise you on the best keywords to use and we’ll make your text pithy.

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Don’t forget image content with “alt” tags.  A picture is worth a thousand words, at least!

Social Media

How social are you? Social media is truly the best place to create and buy “Google Juice.” Connect with associates and like-minded folks on Linked-In, keep in touch with friends and relatives on Facebook. Use Twitter to get your message to followers.

Be social often.  Be consistent.  Be relevant.

For Content Marketing help, call us today.