Cutting Through the Crap

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14 Mar Cutting Through the Crap

In nature, we often have to cut through some crap (skin) to get to the “magic” part of a fruit.  The same goes with advertising, but what is the “crap” of advertising and promotion?

Unfortunately, in many cases, ALL of it.

In most cases, the “crap” is everything but the “Offer.” Have you ever watched a TV commercial and wondered, “What the heck are they selling?”

Or have you ever seen an ad and said, “That’s nice, but who ARE these people?”  Ads that forget to further their company “identity,” and ads that forget to spell out the “offer,” risk losing their audience who frankly can’t separate the crap from the good stuff because the purpose of the ad is to obfuscate or to entertain, rather than to sell.

Now why would a company choose to spend sometimes millions of dollars on ads that obfuscate?

3 reasons:

1. They think the consumer is stupid and that we’ll buy if we are “moved” or if they create some kind of emotional response in us. Hence the saying, “A fool and his money are soon parted.”

2. They can’t compete.  The company can’t offer anything better than their competitor, so they have to use trickery because the facts won’t help them sell their product or service.

3. The company has a great reputation and they coast on it.

As for reason #1, in many cases, they are right.  The consumer is stupid or just not aware enough or interested enough to take the time to purchase carefully.

As for reason #2, competitor and competitive analysis takes time.  We live in a rush-to-market environment where companies often sacrifice doing their homework for getting to market quickly or short-term financial goals.

As for reason #3, I worked for AT&T, I know about this.  Just ask me.

Case in Point: Apple Watch

See if you can “cut through the crap” in this Apple Watch commercial:

Some facts about the Apple Watch:

It’s thick! What’s that THING on your wrist?

You need an iphone for the watch to work.  Hey, so smart for Apple, dumb for dumb consumers.

Do you really NEED all those notifications?

I hear the battery could die in less than 3 hours. Ugh.

Pebble Time is cheaper.

So tell me what YOU think.  Master the technology, conquer your market.

For those of you out there who need a laugh today, watch this:



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