Don’t Shoot the Consultant

13 Nov Don’t Shoot the Consultant

A brief message to Marketing Products and Services vendors, Web Hosting companies, and SEO practitioners:
Sales opportunities are golden. Your existing clients are already pre-disposed to buying services from you, so don’t blow it by creating conflict. As a consultant, I have worked in conjunction with many different companies providing a variety of services to my clients.Some of these relationships are spectacular, adding a great deal of value to the client, and others are downright toxic. When you encounter a consultant working in conjunction with a professional or professional service firm, tread lightly.This person can be your best advocate or your worst enemy. And if your client complains, don’t be too quick to shoot the consultant. This could easily backfire, resulting in the loss of business, not only from that client, but you can also lose any sales opportunity with other clients with whom that consultant may be working. A good consultant will be objective and you shouldn’t misconstrue this as a “plot” to discredit you or your services. Rather, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate your value and educate the client.

And to my clients and associates, if your firm has decided to work with a marketing consultant, the right consultant will protect your interests and fight for you in every marketing transaction in which they are involved. Beware the “snake oil” salesman selling you internet marketing services of any kind. If you don’t understand it, ask your consultant before purchasing–at the very least, he or she will be able to raise any red flags regarding a scam or uncover the real value in any proposal, if it exists.

  • Julianne
    Posted at 06:53h, 29 August

    I encourage you to ask more questions. And thank you for participating in this blog conversation. To reply to your questions:
    1. Of course, this is not the only way to think about this. This is my opinion, which is the purpose of a blog.
    2. Thank you for the compliment that you think I “understand a lot,” and I would love to explore it more and I will develop another post on the subject. Great idea.
    3. Everyone who does not agree with me is invited and more than welcome to post their comments here–so I am not sure how I can make it more accessible.
    4. And regarding your last sentence “you’d get a lot more individuals behind this….” Please note that I am not on a crusade and this blog is merely a way to communicate my experiences and opinions, meant for those who can be inspired or motivated to action by the lessons I have learned over the years and the opinions and guidance I offer. There is no obligation for anyone to read this or to agree with me, and I am not trying to recruit “believers.”
    5. And lastly, I am not sure I understand your advice to me about making “common statements.” Do you mean common as in not unique or special? I will continue to make statements I feel apply to situations I encounter and I’m sorry you feel they are “common” or offensive in any way. After all, we can only speak from our own experience and perhaps my experience does not apply to your circumstance or business.
    In closing, when reading or viewing information on the internet, each one of us should consider the information here “with a grain of salt.” If it fits your purpose, great. Perhaps you now have a new tool in your toolbox. If not, discard it and move on.