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01 Dec Email Marketing

With the high cost of printing (even though it’s much less than it used to be) and email becoming the communications mode of choice for most busy people today—even my eighty-something Aunt Ceil uses email now—you are missing a huge opportunity if you haven’t investigated the ways to spruce up your email communications to clients and prospects.

Try a service like iContact (they’re offering a free trial now), which will help you create and track your email campaigns and measure their effectiveness. Just one HUGE caution, and iContact covers this with a spam filter and by asking you to initial that you have scrubbed your list—do not spam anyone! Scrub that email list to make sure everyone on it has either subscribed or “opted in” in one way, shape or form. Don’t forget email can be an EZine or Newsletter—not just a message and it can include links to your website too……get ‘er going!

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