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17 Jan Experience Marketing

I’m intrigued by what’s called “experience marketing.” It’s great because an emphasis on the “experience” forces professionals to examine the overall interaction that clients have with their business.

Case in point: I recently availed myself of the services of an “Elder Law Attorney” for my mom. The experience I had when we actually met with the man was top notch. He is a brilliant attorney and I enjoyed watching him work. However, his staff was unsupportive at best, and his firm’s billing system appeared to be non-existant or in a shambles. As a result, the overall “experience” I had with the firm was an ultimate disaster. He is no longer our attorney.

The most important aspect of the professional-client experience is the establishment of “trust.” My trust in this attorney diminished dramatically when I couldn’t resolve the billing issues and when his staff was impolite and failed to assist me. Delays in returning phone calls and failure to meet promised deadlines increased the feeling of distrust. And ALL of these things are part of the marketing “experience.” So before you attempt to develop a sophisticated “experience marketing” program (which I’ll explain in more detail in another post), examine the “experience” clients are having with you and your firm on a regular basis! Fix what’s broken there first! And focus on keeping your existing clients and generating positive referrals.

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