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fixing the game

07 Dec Fix Your Game!

In his book, Fixing The Game, former strategist and now business school Dean, Roger Martin, compares the two distinct markets at play in the NFL and the business world —the real market and the expectations market. The expectations market is gambling. In the real market, real football players make real plays and there are real winners and losers. In the expectations market bets are balanced on a point spread. In this book, Martin compares this point spread in football to the stock market in American capitalism. There’s a lot to this analogy so you’ll want to read the book to understand it all, but in a nutshell, Martin applauds the NFL for understanding how important it is for the players to focus on the game, and therefore they prohibited betting by players. Not so in business. CEO’s are compensated on shareholder value, making their focus clearly on the expectations game. And the NFL remains strong, while American capitalism goes from crisis to crisis. Martin says, “fix the game.” That means fix whatever is wrong with your business.  Become stronger, leaner, smarter. Become introspective…..polish your internal processes and client service, be the best professional you can be….gain more knowledge, certifications, and if you are a lawyer, win more cases. Focus on perfecting that which really fuels business development—-operating on sound business principles of customer value and client satisfaction, and future profits will result. Focus on the wrong things….like stock prices, website hits, visits and Google placement, and you could fail miserably. Mr. Martin, what insight!!

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