Going Ga Ga for Google!


30 Dec Going Ga Ga for Google!

Hey folks, it doesn’t surprise me that Google is finding new and amazing ways to be profitable while continuing to delight their customers with fast and furious relevant results to searches. And don’t forget their rivalry with Facebook. All my clients are asking, should I have a Google + account?

Did anyone doubt that Google would become a social media player? Did anyone doubt that this fireball of a company would change the game with better social media integration and search? So what does it all mean for professionals marketing online? A lot or nada, depending on your strategy. Remember that powerhouses like Microsoft and Google are competing by being the best at serving up quality information and quality results. My advice? BE the quality content they NEED to connect their users to and you’ll rule. Serve up “me-too” or boring or irrelevant content or very little content, and others will win page rank, no matter how many key words you stuff into your pages. Trust me, this is going to get harder. Stick to your knitting and do great work, then share your knowledge, and they will come.

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