Held Hostage By your Host?

19 Apr Held Hostage By your Host?

You got a great deal on your website! A low monthly hosting rate, a website created for less than a newspaper subscription, and a blog to boot! All is well until you decide to make a change. BLOCKED! Law firm websites held hostage by hosting or directory companies sadden me. If your website is an online brochure (like mine) maybe regular updates aren’t that critical. But if you are the least concerned about traffic to your website, Google rankings, and visitor to client conversions, you’ll want to update your site with fresh content daily.

To find out if you are indeed held hostage by your host, ask yourself:
Does your hosting company update your website on-demand, within 24 hours? Or, better yet, do they provide a content management system (CMS) so that you can do the updates yourself? If not,then cry “foul.” Your website is being held hostage and believe me, the low cost of that service just isn’t worth it.

So how do you free a hosting hostage?

It’s not as daunting a task as many hosting or design companies will lead you to believe. Many low-cost, no or low-service companies create websites with templates. Unfortunately, even the higher cost directory publishing companies (you know who they are) use templates and try to convince you it’s custom. It’s not that difficult to port either type over to another host, or to port your content into a new template.

If you are stuck in template mode, it’s probably best to start over from scratch anyway, developing a custom website that is easily updatable by anyone in the firm. Just remember to make sure that only ONE person from the firm is doing the updates, otherwise the quality of your content can trend downhill very quickly as the writing can become scattered and inconsistent.

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