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22 Dec Holiday Overload!

It’s easy to ignore or just forget about sending business holiday greetings. We’re all overloaded with email and spam and who needs it anyway?

Earlier this month, I felt this way for a few minutes. Then, today we were visited by our friend, who also happens to be our real estate professional, Theresa Fappiano ( of ReMax First Choice II. Terry makes a special and lasting impression by personally visiting and connecting with her clients, friends and associates, bringing lots of holiday cheer and delicious homemade cookies. This is so like her, to make such an extraordinary effort to appreciate the people in her life. She’s a role model for me.

You might easily be struck with a “bah humbug” feeling this holiday season, but I urge you to continue the traditions….send those holidays cards and emails, and make the effort, because when your competition decides it’s no longer important to reach out to customers and clients around the holidays, your message will be heard and read with enthusiasm.

Want to be a bit different this year? Think Video, or post an image on Pinterest; change your Facebook picture, join a new group on LinkedIn and don’t forget to post a holiday greeting, quote, video or image for your circles on Google+.

For the New Year, consider taking even just one online conversation offline, to a lunch or a phone conversation.

Be there, be memorable, be supportive, be remarkable. Happy Holidays!

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