Is it SPAM or is it HAM?

30 Oct Is it SPAM or is it HAM?

It’s not the first time I’ve been asked to write for someone’s LinkedIn or Facebook accounts, and it might be a perfectly acceptable thing to ask a marketing professional to do for any business, but I’ve got to ask the question: When you hire someone to write for LinkedIn, Facebook or Twitter, is this SPAM or HAM?

The answer may be in the motivation. What I love about social networking is its altruism. An online social network is people communicating with people. Business people who engage in social networking help and are a resource to their colleagues, clients and even perfect strangers.  The goals of those who participate are to connect and share.  When these connections result in conversions (from visitor to client), well that looks like magic, but actually it’s the real thing that happens when strangers in a strange world find symbiosis or simple compatibility or when they find just what they’re looking for. Social networking makes the search easier and the connections more trust-worthy.

When we visit someone’s LinkedIn or Facebook page, we expect to meet a personality, an individual. Especially for professionals who are traditionally less approachable than other business owners, we expect the privilege of meeting them online almost as we would in a face-to-face encounter.  Imagine the disappointment when what’s read there is a canned message?

Is it HAM?  Should blogging be bragging?  Careful with that….social media pages that are so “all about you” can be perceived as HAM, the unabashed self-promotion that clouds the real message. If the tone is self-serving, visitors will bounce off your page faster than a super ball. They’ll get the answer elsewhere.

So what IS the real message website and social media visitors are seeking?  The same thing we’re all seeking: unique stuff: education, advice, experience, examples, links, references, recommendations, tips, tools, definitions, descriptions, instructions……aka: KILLER CONTENT! oh I think you get it now.

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