Is the Client Always Right?

23 Jun Is the Client Always Right?

Of course your clients are always right, even when they are wrong. In marketing, there are few things that are absolute, but this is one of them. If your clients do not trust you, they may not trust your answer, or many of your clients may be influenced by someone else in their circle of friends, associates or relatives. Or, some clients have been known to have a hidden agenda or unknown motivation they don’t share with you. In any event, there may come a time when a client may not heed your advice. So what do you do? Get over it.

Professionals with a service attitude will prevail, as long as you educate your client and follow up consistently to illustrate your point. If you are right, the facts will support your position at some point in time. Be there to point that out, delicately.

The purpose of a business is to satisfy a need at a profit. Some professional service businesses satisfy a need, but do not make a profit. These will be out of business quickly. Some make a profit, but do not thoroughly satisfy client needs. These may stay in business for a while, until a better alternative is available, then they will go out of business. The responsibility for satisfying client needs and profitability lies clearly on the shoulders of the business owner, not the client. It’s easy to forget that.

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