Jobs Creation

06 Oct Jobs Creation

With the elections coming up, the topic of the day is “jobs creation.” Everyone is weighing in, so why shouldn’t I? Here goes.

IMHO….the quote I heard today on the news goes something like….jobs are created when…”entrepreneurs take risks and offer products and services consumers want.” I won’t comment on who said it because politics isn’t my thing, but I think we need to go beyond the current entrepreneurial approach and insert a few descriptors that can make or break a new venture. These are Quality. Integrity. Service. Value.

For many, the fortune lies within the concept of the “new idea,” “better mousetrap,” or groundbreaking technology. I say there are thousands of product and service solutions, both high tech and low tech, that are already out there, but the quality and service is so poor, that these ventures fail despite the rising consumer need. Creating jobs may have more to do with quality, integrity and service, than invention.

For professionals….there is no doubt that especially the aging consumers need the advice of experts as the world becomes more complex and fast-moving every year. Yet these same needy consumers turn to online services that eliminate the middleman or advisor. When a client of yours uses a service like “” to manage their money, or “” for legal services, they are choosing to replace a formerly trusted advisor who, by the way and back to the topic—has created jobs–, what does that mean?

Consumers haven’t stopped needing advice, but many have lost faith in their advisors. Professionals…fix that or fail despite growing demand for your services.

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