Key Word Research; What SEO companies are afraid to tell you!

01 Dec Key Word Research; What SEO companies are afraid to tell you!

If you have a website and you have made an effort to use SEO to increase traffic to the site, you know that key words are, well, key! The key words and phrases that are repeated throughout your website are the great clues for search engine robots to use when their customers search for information. What’s interesting is that many so-called SEO “experts” have the nerve to ask YOU to define your key words. If you hear this question, then you are pretty much assured that the SEO “expert” you have encountered is no expert at all. At least not in SEO. Especially be aware of “directory” companies in your industry who like to be jacks-of-all-trades, scooping up more and more of your marketing budget. They may not only sign you up for their directory (which can be a wise investment), but they may also want to host your website and manage your SEO (may not be so wise). If you want to do this for some reason, I strongly advise you to put them to the test.

A good SEO company will have the tools to research the most lucrative key words for your industry and your market. Ask THEM what your key words should be. For example, if you are a mid-size law firm in New Jersey, you may think that ”Criminal lawyer in New Jersey” may be an excellent key word phrase. It is not! The mere inclusion of the word “in” greatly reduces the traffic, as fewer people use prepositions in their search phrases. No one wants to type more than they have to type. However, an SEO company can convince you that your firm’s name will appear in the top 10 in a google search by using this trick. Don’t fall for it! Ask for the research. The SEO company’s fees can be high….make them work for their money!

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