Marketing to a Terrorized Society

World Trade Center terror scene

03 Nov Marketing to a Terrorized Society

Most recently, a shooter, with no obvious motive, opened fire on the congregation of the First Baptist Church in the sleepy little town of Sutherland, Texas.  Before that, the world witnessed a terror attack on bike riders and pedestrians in New York City. In my own state of Florida, an unknown shooter killed 3 people in Seminole Heights, for no apparent reason. And last month, a shooter, with no known motive, killed 58 and wounded over 500 others in the largest mass killing ever in the United States.  We know that our society is terrorized.  Government and community leaders tell us to carry on.  They say “Don’t let the terrorists win.  We must continue our lives without fear.” You can say this all you want but the reality is that we, the people, are fearful.

How does a business react in such an environment?  I think they help.

On a local radio station, I heard about a pizza business that stopped delivery because the drivers were afraid to deliver to Seminole Heights.  They did not want to walk the streets or knock on doors alone. Read the article:

Unsolved murders impacting food deliveries in Seminole Heights – Papa John’s not delivering in SE Seminole Heights

Unfortunately, they failed to notify some callers and their customers were waiting for Papa John’s pizzas that never arrived.  Papa John’s pizza is offering 50% off pizza to those in Seminole Heights who opt to carry out.  But could they have done more?

Let’s get innovative.  What can you do to help your clients and customers feel more secure?  For example, if you provide a home delivery service, consider instituting a “Password” practice, allowing patrons to create a password that only they and the delivery person will know.  Consider adding security measures for your delivery drivers – a ride-along buddy system, for example, ensuring that no one driver delivers alone. Consider adding a “drive through” area to your business for those who want the fast service of delivery but no longer want strangers coming to their homes.  What other ideas can you suggest?

For professionals, think about the recent security breaches in the financial industry.  What can you do to assure your clients that your data is safe?  Perhaps you can send individualized email blasts advertising your privacy and security policies and technology.  Perhaps you can prompt your clients to change their passwords more often on their client portal accounts.  Maybe institute an automated password change reminder by email, as I receive for my business banking account.

What else can we do?  How can you use social media, and other technology to communicate to customers and clients that you care about their safety?

Master the technology. Conquer your market.

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