17 Sep MyPage is IPAGE, A Review

ipagelogoAs I develop websites for my clients, especially when this is a website for a new business, I recommend a web hosting company and plan. Usually I like to give my clients two or three choices and the hosting company always at the top of the list is iPage.com.

Why do I recommend iPage?

iPage.com is easy, reliable and has a platform that supports most or all of the development applications like WordPress and Joomla. And they don’t confuse you with a Chinese menu of hosting plans. Their essential plan gives you everything you need including unlimited space, unlimited domains, and unlimited data transfer. Their support is excellent and they offer a 100% money back guarantee.

Whether you are a beginner building an online store, or a professional starting a blog, iPage makes it easy to create, extend or migrate. I love the fact that I can add websites to my existing plan and I often host my clients’ test sites on my iPage server prior to launch. The file manager and other tools are easy to use and flexible; the quality of sites served up by iPage is terrific with no need for those so-called “accelerators” used by other hosting companies. (What is that anyway, some kind of excuse to slow down any site that doesn’t use the “accelerator”?)

In the past, many of my clients have selected other hosting companies because of price, but right now, iPage hosting is ON SALE for $1.00 per month, which is very competitive!

Weinmann Marketing is an affiliate of iPage, so we make a commission on any new hosting plan purchased by our clients through our affiliate link. And this month, iPage is offering affiliates a $25 credit to review their services, whether the review is positive or negative.

I think that’s a great way to build customer and affiliate loyalty. If you don’t have a loyalty program in place as yet, take a page from iPage Hosting!

Nice work folks at iPage!

master the technology. conquer your market.

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