NJAWBO, An interactive business experience

30 Dec NJAWBO, An interactive business experience


My membership in NJAWBO, the NJ Association of Women in NJ Assoc of Women Business OwnersBusiness, Sussex/Warren Chapter, is barely a few months old and I’m impressed with the business acumen of the members and the openness and willingness to embrace new members and ideas. For the holiday meeting in December, I introduced the idea of a “Gift of Marketing” to replace their usual gift exchange and it was very favorably received. Comment on this post if you’d like more information about the program. Hey NJAWBO members, send me your questions—I’m sure your participation in this program has surfaced some new online experiences for you! And my secret santa gift recipient is Dorinne S. Davis of The Davis Center. Dorinne, MA, CCC-A, FAAA, RCTC, BARA is a World Leading Sound Based Therapist. Please visit thedaviscenter.com for more information on how these therapies can bring quality of life to those suffering from disorders like autism or down syndrome to those afflicted with disabilities due to aging or various illnesses. Happy New Year Dorinne!

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