23 Oct Penguins in your Page Rank Soup!

Has Google’s latest algorithm update affected your website’s page rank?  First announced in 2012, Google’s “Penguin” update was a code name for a change that targeted those sites using link-building schemes.  Gosh I hate to say I told ya so, but gee.  By now, everyone interested in improving the Page Rank on their websites should be dedicated to providing valuable CONTENT.  Link building efforts should be credible and keyword research should not lead to the overuse of aggressive anchor text. Stop trying to control Google!

In short…..focus on providing VALUABLE CONTENT to your prospects, clients and customers rather than manipulating content to influence page rank.

So what question should you be asking your marketing consultant?

“How can I improve my website’s Google Page Rank?”


Ask instead: “What content does my client and prospects need that I can provide on my website?”

When businesses start focusing on the customer instead of themselves, then and only then—-links, which are votes, will follow.  The more high value links, the higher the page rank.

Come on….let’s get on board with this now, okay?
Master the technology, conquer your market.

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