Presto, Change-o, PrestaShop!

15 Jun Presto, Change-o, PrestaShop!

I am developing a new shopping-cart, e-commerce website for a client using a PrestaShop(tm) theme. What an adventure!  The theme is exciting and fresh and PrestaShop is feature-rich.  It is a modular program with a wide range of “front-office” and “back office” options, including advanced stock management. The look and feel of your PrestShop website depends on the theme you use and the theme modules provided by the developer. There are many add-on modules available from various sources and PrestaShop has a great forum for additional info and support. Good tech support is a MUST when using PrestaShop unless you are experienced with it.  Customizing is not difficult but there are some “gotcha’s” that you’ll need to address.  For example, the “Wishlist” function didn’t work as expected, so some code modifications were in order.  Customizing the registration form can also be a challenge as  it too is code-based.  And don’t forget the validation code.  You want to make sure the forms are filled out correctly. “Wishlist” is a great feature for e-commerce sites because it encourages shoppers to return frequently to your site and to share their lists with others—i.e. sharing your site with others…..great traffic generator.

A second issue with PrestaShop involves image editing.  The theme we chose required a 1200 x 1200 pixel product image from which thumbnails are generated.  Usually the higher the resolution of a photo or image is best because reducing the size is more effective if you are reducing from a higher resolution.  Don’t enlarge photos for use in your website…..bad things happen–blurry, blurry, blurry.  I found a great bulk photo resizer on the web for only $5.99:  I could resize using Photoshop’s script function, but that tool doesn’t allow me to ignore aspect ratio.  In our theme, the image has to be square, so rectangular images present a problem.  To do this, I either popped the image into a square frame or used other Photoshop tools to create a square background.  But most of the rectangular images resized just fine with resizer and fast.  Try it!

And last but not least, I have to sing the praises of the developers of the PrestaShop Sports Theme we used.  You’ll find their themes on  See this link for Themesdev’s portfolio.  Their support as I customize this theme has been remarkable.  These developers care about my client’s satisfaction as much as I do, and that’s the kind of support I need!  Thank you Themesdev!

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