03 Aug Say “YES” to customers and clients…

My husband and I recently had two opportunities to make purchases at Camelback/Camelbeach in the Poconos. But we couldn’t. Seem odd to you? It was definitely a surprise to me. As business owners grieve over lost sales due to a sluggish economy, some businesses are apparently doing so well that they can afford to say “no” to a paying customer.

Let me tell you more.

Just before my birthday, my husband drove to PA with the intention of purchasing a season pass for skiing at Camelback Ski Area this winter as a gift for me. Never thinking for a minute that his drive would be for nothing, he happily made the hour trip from our home in Jersey to the Poconos.  Entering the “guest services” building at the base of the mountain, he walked up to the counter and asked to buy a Season Pass.  The answer?


They weren’t selling Ski Season Passes because they hadn’t decided on a price.  Typically, Camelback has offered Ski Season Passes from March to October at a discount or at least at the prior year’s price.  Not this year I guess, and they have every right to set their price at whatever the market will bear.  But pulleeeze!  Don’t say “NO” to a paying customer!

Then, just recently, I also visited Camelbeach Guest Services to purchase a ticket to Camelbeach for a business associate.  I asked to purchase a ticket to Camelbeach that I could give as a gift.  The answer?

You guessed it: “No.”

They don’t sell Camelbeach tickets in advance.  I could only buy a “Camel Cash” card, which is a sort of cash gift card.  That’s not what I wanted to do, but that’s all they offered.

So, I guess they didn’t lose any money on the Camelbeach ticket deal, but I’ve decided not to purchase a Ski Season Pass and there was some good will lost as well.

So….before you say “NO” to a paying customer, consider that maybe a little flexibility is in order and that meeting customer needs might really be what makes your business successful.

master the technology, conquer your market.

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