SEO Madness–Topic Relevancy

06 Nov SEO Madness–Topic Relevancy

Now I’ve heard everything! Believe it or not, there’s a new tool to test if your website content is RELEVANT to your topic, because search engine algorithms are sophisticated enough to detect a lack of topic relevancy. For example, the tool tests the following: if your topic is “sex crimes,” for example, and the content is: “It’s a crime that we all don’t have sex more often.” That’s not relevant. But, if the content is: “In the United States, statistics indicate that most sex crimes are committed by someone who is known by the victim.” Then you are good to go, SEO-wise.
Is this unreal? Either our common sense is so far removed from our website content development process and we are so out of touch with our intended audience that we can’t tell if our content is on-topic or not, or there are so many focused entirely on traffic that they will do ANYTHING to capture a visit on a keyword, even if they have no information to share on the real topic at hand. Someone tell me why so much time is spent developing tools for things that are obvious beyond belief?! Please!
And, do you think this blog itself violates this relevancy rule? (a bit of Twilight Zone).

By the way, this sophisticated SEO tool is LDA for “Latent Dirichlet Allocation” (I love it—even the name of the tool elevates it to oooh ahhh technical status), and ok, if you insist, I’ll give you the link to it, but don’t let me catch you using it: SEOMOZ.ORG; you have to register, but it’s free.

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