Social Media on Auto-Pilot, your Achilles heel?

03 May Social Media on Auto-Pilot, your Achilles heel?

Beware of programs like Hootsuite or AlertFirst to automate your social media marketing. On the surface, for busy professionals, this looks like the perfect solution. But I only need to remind you of the excitement around voice mail and telephone system automated attendants when they first hit the market. Clients and customers experienced “voice mail jail,” and other annoying automated telephone solutions and it became the Achilles heel of businesses with intense competition in their markets. Clients now had an excuse to try someone else….and it became a competitive advantage to have an actual “human being” answer the phone and handle the caller’s issue directly. Your clients and prospects deserve respect of individual engagement and interaction. Automated solutions can quickly get ahead of themselves. Imagine accidentally sending the wrong message to the wrong prospect. Imagine sending a introductory post to a long time loyal client. It’s easy to see who’s automating. Too busy to talk to your clients? That will become obvious and can tarnish your reputation. You need to be the master of the technology, not the other way around.

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