Social Networking IQ: How Sociable Are You?

17 Feb Social Networking IQ: How Sociable Are You?

Just when I thought it was safe to simplify SEO and SEM for my readers, we now have a flurry of new “Social Networking” sites on the web to further complicate the marketing landscape! Now we are inundated with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, MySpace,Tagged and dozens more!If you have ever registered for one of these, you now know the time it takes to develop a profile and a following. So I ask you, just how sociable are you? Because if you have always been a great networker, one or more of these is definitely for you, but if you shun networking events and are uncomfortable asking friends, relatives, colleagues and clients for referrals, then social networking on the web will be just as difficult as networking off-line but just as rewarding when done properly. Remember your manners and offer VALUE not bravado. Become a thought leader by having salient and compelling things to say. And always remember that you never know who’s reading what you say. Next time you login, look for me, and I’ll look for you!

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