Take Blogging to the Next Level

05 Feb Take Blogging to the Next Level

Have you ever commented on someone’s blog and checked back day after day, never to see a response? Frustrating, isn’t it? I challenge professionals to examine their motivation for starting a blog. If your blog is motivated by SEO….because your marketing consultant advised you that blogging can improve your search engine page rank then you are likely to fall into the trap of the one-way blog syndrome. One way blogging is like going to a party with a tape recorder and turning it on all night. People will avoid the noise….instead of a blog, you’ve created a Blah Blah Blahg. Conversion (converting website visitors to clients) depends upon development of a relationship, which is fueled by two-way conversation. So take your blog to the next level. Find ways to engage your audience, by acknowledging comments and responding to questions.

One caution. Spammers love to comment on blogs to gain back-links, so beware of giving credence to vacuous compliments….manage the comments and respond only to those who are truly engaging in a conversation about the topic. SEO is poison to the internet….and often works against the honest professional and misleads by giving undue but temporary standing to spammers. Those Google folks are geniuses though and the spammers will soon be banished. Don’t be one of them.

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