The Google Gift: Content Marketing “Juice.”

28 Apr The Google Gift: Content Marketing “Juice.”

I recently purchased and now I recommend the content marketing tool, “The Google Gift” for the extremely modest investment of $11.99. It will be available in May. If you purchase it through the link in my website, yes, I get paid, so please read this review before you spend your money, thanks. Created by internet content marketer, James Paul, the tool is more like a content writing training course “concentrate,” and it impresses me much like orange juice when I buy it in “concentrate” form. Thaw it out, add water and you have a whole lot more than you bargained for! At first, I was a bit intimidated by all of the text to read and the writing style struck me as a bit unusual, but I soon found the content in this content tool quite addictive, and isn’t that the point, or at least part of the point in getting your visitors to your website and “engaging” them? It was like reading a good action-novel, I couldn’t put it down.

I tried to analyze my response psychologically….maybe it’s because I have always believed that quality content is the key to winning visitors online and improving Google page rank, and maybe it’s the idea of the ethical online business that attracted me to continue to read this author, but in any case, I believe that the principles are sound and the process is a discipline, but one that can be easily mastered. I will give you an update on this blog after I actually apply the principles in this program and write my own “constant content.”
Don’t confuse this “Google Gift” program with the Constant Content website That’s not what “Google Gift” is all about. And don’t mistake this for a “get-rich-quick” scheme either. And it’s NOT content automation or any other content or online marketing trick. I have often warned my readers: Beware any content writing that’s automated…..the folks out there can tell. Believe me they can tell!
The “Google Gift” is a process, a method to get going for serious content marketers. You will learn to write online content that ROCKS your market! The system will save you time and simplify the process of writing fresh, relevant and unique CONTENT. Can’t wait to dive into it.
master the technology. conquer your market.

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