The New Age of Rainmaking

02 Feb The New Age of Rainmaking

The New Jersey Law Journal published an article by ‘yours truly’: “The New Age of Rainmaking.” You all might like it. Read it on the “Articles” page of my website.

And to all the suggestions in this article, I’d like to add one or two:
Social media is great, but no matter what the media, the fact about relationships is that building one takes time, building many relationships online takes more time, and building trust comes even later, so if you are professional service provider (doctor, lawyer, financial advisor, Indian Chief) don’t expect immediate results unless you hit a nerve.

By “hit a nerve” I mean, if you have something everyone needs immediately, or if you have discovered or thought of something no one has thought of before, or if you have discovered an unmet need expressed by an unmapped market niche…..all of which is rare, you may get an immediate response. Otherwise, expect the links and introductions to work for you as you consistently mine them.

And secondly, I always recommend that you promote yourself in a subtle way by offering information and solutions—by being the “go-to” guy or gal for your practice area or topic. But puullleeeeze…do so deliberately….that is….think it through….determine how you want to be perceived and what you want to be known for….because your reputation will be formed as you write and are read. It’s existential.

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