The Power of Humility

22 Jan The Power of Humility

Professionals are accomplished people, with degrees, honors, titles,  experience, knowledge, status. When I meet a professional who is also humble, I am truly impressed. I believe that humility is a virtue possessed by only the most secure and self-assured professional. When you meet someone who is comfortable in their own skin, you can sense the power. It’s down-right persuasive.

So what power is there in “humility”? Maybe it is the power gained from having the genuine desire to know what your clients really want and need. It could be the power inherent in a firm whose partners design every process and aspect of their practice to better serve clients. It could be the power to be clever enough, lucid enough and insightful enough to teach, rather than to preach, and to communicate in a language all can understand and appreciate. It could also be the reason for the trend toward specialization, when a business is humble enough to recognize its limitations.

It could be the virtue of “humility”that causes a professional to ask questions, not just give standard answers. Humility may be the catalyst for excellence because it provokes a challenge to be better and allows for conflicting points of view. It’s Socratic.

Humility allows us to see ourselves the way others see us, and thereby find areas for improvement. Without humility, the marketing process is truly sterile, maybe just an exercise in self-aggrandisement. With humility, there’s idealism.  You get the sense that this professional isn’t gaming with you, and when in a consultation with a doctor, lawyer, accountant or consultant who doesn’t patronize, you get the idea that your matter actually matters!  Professionals who possess even a modicum of humility, who listen carefully to clients and take them seriously, will be sought out. 

If you are a professional who is accomplished, yet humble–I believe clients will beat a path to your door.

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