Web Hosting….what’s your risk tolerance?

01 Dec Web Hosting….what’s your risk tolerance?

All I can say today is “do not fear.” By increasing your risk tolerance, it’s possible to solve what appear to be insurmountable technical issues, and to save money on hosting services as well. Web hosting and development companies make it all sound so complicated. In actuality, it’s very simple and although technology is intimidating to the novice or tech-challenged, it’s really a lot less powerful than we give it credit for–let me give you an example: I have two websites, each hosted by a different company. (I like to do this to keep up on the latest features, pricing etc. ) One website is www.skitales.com hosted by Ipowerweb; the other is www.weinmannmarketing.com, hosted by 1&1.

I recently lost control of Skitales.com because the web files on my PC became corrupted. I used an old version of Frontpage to create it, Microsoft doesn’t support the software any longer, and I had no clue how to update the files without a functioning Frontpage or a robust CMS (content management system), which Ipowerweb doesn’t provide. After hundreds of dollars spent on tech support to solve this problem (so much is learned through trial and error), I discovered something amazingly simple. One day I just typed my url, skitales.com, in my browser and stared at the outdated website in disappointment. A visitor had sent me a poem to post and I couldn’t figure out how to upload it to the site, given my multiple and what I thought were complex tech problems. As I stared at my screen, I began to move my mouse around and eventually up to my browser menu and I discovered that under the FILE function was a selection: EDIT WITH Microsoft FRONTPAGE. I clicked on it reluctantly—”This will never work,” I thought. But….to my surprise, I was able to create a new page, save it, and it appeared on my website instantly. No need to enter a content management system or to fix whatever was broken on my PC file system. Now… I would still like to have an accurate web on my PC or backed up on a hard drive, but until I do that, my updating nightmare has ended quite elegantly.

And this is just one example. I can point to many instances where a seemingly complicated technical task, when broken down into its essential piece parts was really quite easy—almost neanderthal…like rubbing two sticks together!! If any of you have such problems with technology, send them to me. I love a good mystery and I crave those ah HA! experiences.

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