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Custom Website Design

Custom design is available for those who need a completely unique look for their website and marketing materials. Design services are quoted separately. Our consultants will choose a designer for you who has the depth of experience to match your requirements. Logo and tagline design is included in our custom website development price. Custom websites are quoted separately and this service is not available for online purchase. Please contact us for a custom proposal. Thank you.

WordPress Templates

For those who require state-of-the-art blogging platform with responsive design for easy access by mobile users, we recommend WordPress design templates. Choose from a broad selection of industry-themed designs or choose one that matches the functionality you desire. Every page is customized with your logo, your colors, and your content.

Admin Panel

When you choose a design, consider who will be responsible for updating your site, and how your website will be monitored and maintained. For those of you who want total control and wish to make your own changes, select a design that includes an administrative panel or function with a user-friendly interface. No matter what administrative program you use, it will take some time to learn it, so be sure you make time for training for yourself, your staff or in-house webmaster.

Design Links

Here are just a few links to design template websites that we typically recommend. You may “shop” them yourself or depend on our consultants to select the top 5 or 10 for you to review, based on your company identity and functional needs. Type in a key word or search on function. If Weinmann Marketing is your website developer, then ignore the pricing because the design is included in our development price.

Design template websites to shop:

Responsive Design

A responsive design ensures your website is optimized for users who view your site on devices with various screen sizes, like smartphones and tablets. Other design considerations are contact forms, geo-coding and maps, support by all major browsers, high resolution for image-heavy sites, valid and clean html/css3 code.

These designs translate complex information into simple steps for the user but also maintain an artistic style and top-notch image. Be sure to examine the various “views” for each design template you consider to make sure the mobile designs maintain the image you want to portray for your website.

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