What I mean by “Master the technology….”

16 Dec What I mean by “Master the technology….”

The tagline on my website, “master the technology, conquer your market,” is often misunderstood. What I mean by “master the technology,” is to BE the master of technology. To master it, you do NOT need to learn it to any great level of detail. You do NOT need to understand all of the jargon related to the technology, nor do you need to understand the details about the glitches that may occur when technology goes awry. What you DO need is the right attitude toward technology. As Master, you command the technology to do the work it was meant to do, whether it be to create a website, take orders and handle fulfillment, keep in touch with clients and prospects automatically, automate routine and laborious functions, etc etc etc., ad infinitum. Because we are fortunate to live in a time of technology explosion, you can literally find dozens of technological solutions to any given business problem.

But here is the danger. If you misunderstand the concept of “master the technology,” you can fall into the trap of getting too involved with it. “Techies” spend hours online chatting about the latest software or hardware. Becoming a whiz with technology may impress your low-tech colleagues at parties, but face it, that’s not who you are. Techies and gurus are supposed to love technology for its own sake! We count on them to stay current and get excited about anything new in the techie world and to learn it inside out. But as entrepreneurs, as professionals, as business owners and managers, we can’t afford to become techies. Believe me…having spent long hours alongside Bell Labs engineering geniuses while they work, it’s too big a job to take on in your spare time! Getting too technically proficient will take hours away from your marketing mission—creating and keeping clients—which is your primary business development focus.

So find some “techies” who impress you with their knowledge. Pay them well for their advice. Then go back to your business and marketing plans (where you belong) and scour them for opportunities to exploit this technology to reach your market more effectively, to communicate regularly with your clients, to uncover unmet needs and meet them efficiently. Use the technology, be the master of technology….then go conquer your market! Hopefully that’s a bit clearer…..

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