What the heck is Joomla?

15 Oct What the heck is Joomla?

In a perfect world, web developers would not use technical jargon and they would explain their work in simple language.  However, there is a mystique created when professionals use jargon and it can build credibility that technical folk enjoy with their peers. In this economy with fierce competition for marketing dollars, I’d recommend to professional web developers that you use an honest and straightforward approach, building the relationship with clients based on results and service and educating them, rather than dazzling them with jargon or keeping them locked in with your service by creating fear of unknown technology.  For those professionals who have web developers who like to use jargon, if your technical consultant is using terms you don’t understand, please ask here and you’ll get a simple explanation.

So let’s talk about JOOMLA and let’s start with what Joomla is NOT.  Joomla doesn’t build websites.  It doesn’t design graphics either and it doesn’t design website layouts.

What Joomla is: Joomla is an open source/free sharing technology for publishing content on the internet.  It is a Content Management System, or CMS. Like any good CMS, Joomla organizes your website and makes it easy for you, the client, to create your own web pages and edit them using any computer with an internet connection. Best of all, Joomla is 100% free software, and anyone can download it. It has a quick automated setup.

So how do you actually design a website using JOOMLA as the CMS? For website design, Joomla website developers choose from almost unlimited templates available for Joomla on the internet. Some are simple, but there are also many that appear very complex and snazzy. Some of these templates are free or low cost.

About Cost: a website developed using Joomla as the CMS and Joomla templates for design can work well for you.  Just make sure you aren’t paying too much for it, given that the template may be free and the Joomla software is free.  The cost basis for the work is low.  If you change developers or hosts, make sure your new developer is familiar with Joomla and can pick up with the previous person left off.

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