What’s in a Tweet?

16 Nov What’s in a Tweet?


Let’s discuss what professionals should or shouldn’t tweet about.


What should professionals tweet?

A great article addressing this topic is a November 2, 2011 post by Am Law Daily staff reporter Sara Randazzo on the AmLawDaily.com website. Here’s the link: The Tweet That Roared: Lawyers and Law Firms Navigate Social Media Land Mines”

After reading Ms. Randazzo’s stories about all of the social media wrecks that resulted from attorney’s who mis-posted, I’ve come to some of my own conclusions.

Time and time again we’ve seen that professional and personal lives and reputations overlap.  In a world where everyone is watching, can professionals afford to risk reputation ruin through social media?  Firms may seek to exert control over associates’ tweeting and blogging, but the bottom line is….for a professional….communications of all kinds conducted through all media are under constant scrutiny.  So I think that all the rules of propriety for professionals that may apply to communications at a cocktail party also apply to communications on Twitter. Those who have shared too much after a few drinks at a party are having morning after regrets.  The difference in this phenomenon on Twitter is the viral factor.

After a cocktail party memories fade, everyone sobers up and aside from the obsessions of a few gossips, the indiscretions are soon forgotten.  An embarrassing moment shared on Twitter or an inappropriate slip of the keyboard on a professional blog can last forever in the world-wide web!  Oh what an appropriate name for this media!  It’s worldwide, and it’s a web of connections that enables messages and images to spread feverishly and to last forever.

A guide to tweeting is needed for professionals.  To start, as you may do in any marketing effort, is to decide on the purpose of the Twitter account and who is the target audience.  Although your message goes out the world of followers, deciding first with which followers you really want to encourage conversations will form the basis of your strategy.  Simply put, if you are tweeting to obtain new clients, speak to that audience directly.  In order to do that, you need to determine who your best prospects are, and you need to know everything about them.  Who said this would be easy?

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