What’s in a Webinar?

01 Dec What’s in a Webinar?

“Webinar” spells another death nell to the free lunch. A webinar can include everything you normally get in a seminar, presentations, lectures, slides, handouts, everything but the bodies, that is… everything but the physical presence of human beings, the coffee and the free lunch. So you can avoid travel time and expense and automate the entire seminar process, except for the mouse clicking.

To see a cool demo, goto www.webex.com. Their demo is pretty impressive, until the animation causes the speaker to talk in stops and starts, embarrassing me for my lack of bandwidth. But more important than flashy powerpoint effects is the interactivity between presenter and attendees. If you are using the Webinar as a marketing tool, don’t forget that getting to know the attendees is key to winning their confidence and business. If you remain the anonymous presenter behind the technology, chances are your attendees will take the lesson and run with it, perhaps without ever asking for your help. No client gained, a rainmaking opportunity turned to drought.

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