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01 Dec Where I’ve been

January 2008 by Julianne

On the Road Again…Well after three years in hiding (not really, long story), I’m back in professional services marketing. In this blog I welcome discussion, questions and arguments about marketing strategy and tactics for any industry. My professional services marketing career began many moons ago at AT&T Bell Laboratories where I first learned about litigation through the landmark Litton Antitrust case. Working with corporate defense attorneys on witness interviews was an amazing introduction to the legal profession and for me, it was “trial by fire.” Wading through literally TONS of boxes of interrogatories, witness testimony and depositions made me a top notch documenter and case summary expert, whether I sought this dubious distinction or not. The most interesting aspects of this case were the “explosive” demonstrations that were staged to show how damaging an interconnect company’s equipment can be to the “Bell System” network. And the rest is history….

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