Who has Boardwalk and Park Place on the net?

01 Dec Who has Boardwalk and Park Place on the net?

I’m not much for games, probably because my brother always wiped me out in our family games of monopoly when I was a kid. He always landed on Boardwalk and Park Place first, and I had to pay the rent every turn around the board. When his hotels went up on those properties, that $200 I received for passing “Go” didn’t go very far. I thought about the game of monopoly today as I was testing Google and Yahoo search engine results for popular law-related key words to see who owned that particular internet real estate.

It’s all very interesting. The website www.law.com is owned by Incisive Media, an information and content provider, and media company ALM publisher of The American Lawyer and LegalTech and other legal publications. The site www.lawyer.com is owned by yet another media group, World.com Media. And www.lawyers.com is owned by Lexis-Nexis/Martindale Hubble, who also owns www.attorneys.com. The website www.attorney.com appears to be owned by another media company, but it’s not obvious…it’s a portal that redirects to advertisers’ websites. From this portal, clicking on NJ Criminal Defense Attorney redirects you to www.lawfirms.com. The listings here are sponsored links—paid advertising for specific law firms. Search on “Family Law” and you’ll get one of Thomson Findlaw’s sites: www.family.findlaw.com. Findlaw uses domain names with practice areas listed first, smart move. Search on “real estate law,” and Findlaw is in the top ten, but listed first is www.real-estate-law.freeadvice.com. FreeAdvice.com is a unit of Advice Company–you knew that, right?
And don’t memorize any of this because it will all change tomorrow as the internet real estate traders do business with new players each day. So what should I advise when attorneys and firms ask me about domain names and search engine optimization? Oh that’s easy, if you can afford it, buy Boardwalk and Park Place. If you can’t, you’ll have to pay rent like the rest of us poor schmucks!

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