Who’s your go-to “daddy?”

09 Mar Who’s your go-to “daddy?”

What in heaven’s name is going on at www.godaddy.com?? I recently had some very sticky problems with a client website using a WordPress template, and alas and alack I had to call tech support for HELP.  I usually dread this because of the hold times and tech support is not always technically helpful, especially if you use any 3rd party software.  But HOLD THE PRESSES.  Latest release: Godaddy.com tech support goes Above and Beyond the call of duty.  First support person I got on the phone (hold time wasn’t bad), was Shane Blisset.  Shane was very knowledgeable about WordPress, so patient with me, and he was determined to help me solve my problem. When it seemed there was no solution, he creatively came up with another way to look at things and VOILA!  Problem fixed. Another call on another topic and I encountered tech specialist, Bobby K. What a gentleman! Solved my problem and answered my question with a great deal of panache then followed up with me on email.  Can’t ask for more.

Friends, I really don’t know for sure if www.godaddy.com is the best hosting you can find, but when tech support is a superior service, it certainly adds tremendous value.  That’s all I’m sayin’ here. Thank you Shane, thank you Bobby K and thank you godaddy.com!

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