WordPress “Comments,” Ham or Spam?

spam or ham?

28 Jan WordPress “Comments,” Ham or Spam?

Recently a client became concerned about WordPress blog SPAM comments, and rightfully so.  Depending on how you set up your blog, these comments can be quite damaging, as your readers begin to think no one comments on your blog except for those who want to advertise their own products and links. So why bother turning on Comments at all?  Are all blog comments SPAM?  Or are “comments” it the real “meat” of your blog?

Well, the answer is a compromise because the decision to allow or disallow comments is a bit of a two-edged sword. If you turn off comments then you discourage interaction; if you allow comments, you have to constantly maintain your site to filter out and remove the pesky spam comments, and sometimes these can number in the hundreds.

So what to do?

First, you could live with it.  Use the tools that come with your WordPress admin panel to blacklist email addresses and urls.  You can pay for a plugin like “Akismet Comment Spam Fighter” which will cost you about $5 per month.  Or you can search for a free security plugin like “iThemes Security,” which has so many features, you might consider it overkill, but it’s free and you can select only the features you need.

In any case, I love junk mail, so you have to take what I’m saying here with a grain of salt.  Spammers don’t really bother me, but it does take up some time to sift through them to find the legitimate comments you want to approve.

One caution about spam fighter and filtering programs…..you can’t be sure that a legitimate comment won’t be filtered!  So that’s the other side of the sword-edge.

Best way to put “comment spam” in it’s proper perspective?

Do the work you must do to MARKET your BLOG and ADVERTISE it to the right audience (use social media share and blog directories) and you will be so caught up in reading legitimate comments and responding to them, that the spammers will be no more than pesky “knats” on the fabric of your blog!  Shoo them off, and carry on!

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