Writing Website Content

01 Dec Writing Website Content

I know we would all like to think that everything we write on our website will be read, even devoured, by all our site visitors. Wrong. Sorry. Few people READ online content word-for-word. Most of us SCAN. We’re there, visiting your website, because we are searching for something…an answer, a resource, a definition, a direction. If what’s on your site is useable, scan-able, searchable, your visits are likely to increase. If you are verbose, irrelevant, self-serving, bombastic, and lots of other words that you probably won’t read so I’ll stop…..you will have high “bounce” rates—folks coming and going without reading much of anything. According to Sun Microsystems’ studies, in Writing for the Web by Jakob Nielsen, distinguished engineer; PJ Schemenaur, technical editor; and Jonathan Fox, editor-in-chief, www.sun.com:“Writing for the Web is very different from writing for print:
79% of users scan the page instead of reading word-for-word
Reading from computer screens is 25% slower than from paper
Web content should have 50% of the word count of its paper equivalent “

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