You Oughta Be in Pictures!

25 Nov You Oughta Be in Pictures!

Video Marketing, viral marketing, multimedia on your website and more. The promoters are out there enticing you to add video everywhere. It’s a great way to add inbound links—further boosting your Google rankings. Great great great. I say “caution.” Think it through. For every Spielberg out there, you have a great many Oliver Stones who can create a video that makes you look and sound stupid at worst, bombastic at best. When considering any medium for your message, plan carefully. Although media is exciting, it’s the message that’s important,especially for professionals. I recommend that you never ever sacrifice your integrity for exposure or Google rankings. But that’s just me. Why? Because short term results can yield long-term regret. It’s the “morning-after” effect.
Secondly, when you venture into video development, remember your marketing basics–the client perspective always comes first. Develop what your clients want to watch, not what you want them to watch. What you want them to hear and see must be communicated through the information they need. Instruct, educate, facilitate, inform, and be a problem solver in your video, and they will watch. What’s more, they will respect you in the morning.

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